note from our founder


I have been working as a fitness professional from 1994 and I must admit that my life has turned 180 degrees from where I started and today my whole approach towards fitness has become so much more holistic.

Many of the smaller ramifications of life are ignored by one and all. I have been working as a strength and conditioning coach for the last 23 years and with time, I started exploring all the top fitness courses and congregations in the world, which bolstered my armoury. Also the way I look at an issue pertaining to fitness, posture, rehab, nutrition and lifestyle has changed dramatically. Fusion is the key word in today’s fitness world. The best of opinions from athletic coaches, Strength and conditioning coaches, chiropractors, Olympic athletes, martial artists, nutritionists, physical therapists and so on have mashed up, the astute professional is able to sequence a need analysis which is apt for the day and it suffices the goals of many.

In a nutshell, open-mindedness and understanding the human body is at another level and I have had the good fortune to meet with the very best in this field and I have evolved our methods at Primal Patterns. This quintessential essence is the basis of my life and belief. Today the fitness world is divided into two, it may sound arrogant but then it’s a fact. You have the half-baked ones and the professionals and the difference is that of Chalk and cheese. I have worked with top teams across various sport and what you learn in the journey is quite amazing and I am quite driven and passionate to share this to all my clients and followers.