How to achieve your fitness goal?


Why is the drop out in a gym higher than client retention? is it a client’s mistake or the coach’s mistake? unfortunately, both have equal share on this. From the coaching standpoint, I have narrowed down few steps which should never be overlooked by a client before signing up for training.

Credibility of the facility

 See if your coach or a personal trainer from the facility takes the time out to evaluate your musculoskeletal status, movement efficiency, body composition in the first place. The former approach is more authentic before undergoing any training program, and this plays such an important role in making a solid plan to achieve your health or performance goals.

Have a clear goal

The most common goal for anyone who steps into the gym is fat loss.  But, as being a coach, we often find a lot of muscle imbalances, abnormal postural issues, inefficient movement ability from a client during the assessment.  All this could be due to our daily habitual posture, using smart phones, computer, tabs, driving in close range for hours and hours and more. (It’s a topic for some other day).

What do they have it in store?

It’s normal to have questions or doubts, but don’t hold them along with your training journey. Being indecisive while training will not only fetch you the kind of results you desire, it’s a clear path for relapse.

So, communication is the key. Ask your coach what she/he can offer you about your health goals and be realistic about it. If you are satisfied, believe the process wholeheartedly and jump into the race and run. If not, communicate the same to your respective coach and figure out a solution.

In a nutshell,

  • Do a self-research about the place, facility’s credibility, competency and the approach they take towards achieving the health goals.
  • It’s of paramount importance for a client to fix these imbalances before taking part in an actual strength or a conditioning program for a sustainable training in the future.
  • Leave it to the pros and enjoy the whole process, your fat loss will be incidental.

 Train harder!

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