No Drink is a Good Drink


I have seen many clients who drink alcohol and they come out with a plan to lose weight every now and then to reduce weight.

Does it sound familiar?

They have their own mind sets and ideas. Well if you’re planning to lose weight you better watch your alcohol intake.

Alcohol basically is calories without nutrient content, but this is not the only reason you need to give up on alcohol.   You can generally notice that you tend to gorge on food if you consume alcohol.  The reason is alcohol and the sugar added to many alcoholic beverages increases your blood sugar levels. Insulin is then released to control the rise in blood sugar. This makes you hypoglycemic (without blood sugar).  

Hypoglycemia causes hunger pangs and if you eat quite a lot at one go it’s not going to help you. Leaky gut is a syndrome damaging the lining of the stomach and small intestine and disrupting the liver’s ability to produce energy are some other reasons one can consider to quit alcohol.

  If you must drink alcohol keep the following in mind.  

-Drink in moderation and without sugar sources.

-Eat protein and fat with alcohol.

-Remember no alcohol is healthy for the body.

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