Cardio or Weights?


Cardio or Weights ?

This question is highly controversial in nature. Individuals trying to find the answer for this question should google the phrase “chicken and egg situation”. There is no definitive answer to this question.

The choice between cardio and weights is highly situational in nature depending on the need of the client. Considering there are no biological limitations, a balance of both is essential for an individual to maintain a healthy body. Choosing the right exercise, its dosage and timing matters the most to produce maximum results.

Doing excessive amounts of cardio to lose weight and an aversion towards weight training is not an uncommon trend in the society. In the “big boy” circle the reverse is true. Cardio is only for weak people and women. Satisfaction index for iron lovers is at its peak during bicep curls and bench press.

Both groups should come to terms with the benefits of incorporating cardio and weights into their routine. However, the final call is to be made by the fitness professional, who is educated and unbiased about the choice of cardio or weights.

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