Are you a Crunching Tiger? Here is your Hidden Prankster


Spot fat reduction is a myth, Period! Over the years, I have been seeing clients who perform thousands of crunches with hundreds of variations to lose abdominal fat. Well, I am not against crunches because it has its place in the strength training continuum, but it is equally important to do some form of back strengthening exercise.

Abdomen strength vs. Back strength:

An excessive amount of crunching (forward bending/flexion of the spine) can have a negative effect on the inter-vertebral discs and stresses the main ligaments in the spine (Sacrospinalis, LigamentumFlavum, Posterior longitudinal ligament). Too many crunches can cause micro tears on the outer covering of the discs which could lead to disc prolapse. Our low back muscles should be strong enough to compensate for the weak back (posterior) ligamentous network.

So, I urge you to include some form of back strengthening work post your abdominal workout. Doing so will not only prevent compensation from the other muscles, but it will also restore the balance between Anterior (front) core and Posterior (Back) core muscles which is critical to prevent back injury.

A Thousand crunches will be in vain as your gain is nothing but back pain, Treat the back muscles equally as like your abdomen muscles.

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