How to protect yourself from the dangers of EMR?


Radiation emitted from cell phone, cell phone tower, Wi-Fi, TV and FM tower, microwave ovens, GPS Navigation, etc. are called Electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR causes a significant health hazard, biological effects on human, animals, birds, plants and environment.

EMR-Danger-Primal-Patterns-3Non-ionizing Radiation

It applies to those wave-like fields (waves from wireless phones, computers and all kinds of computer equipment, voltage cables, home devices, satellite radiations.

Ionizing Radiation

Radiation consisted of subatomic particles or electromagnetic waves that have enough energy to ultraviolet rays from the Sun, X and Gamma rays


World Health Organization Research

Short-term effects

The electromagnetic fields can stimulate the nerves, muscles and affects the nerve cells sensitivity in the central nervous system.

Long-term effects

With everyday exposure to electromagnetic fields in combination with a large number of exposures from other sources, the risk of chronic disease increases like child cancers, adult’s cancers, brain tumours, depression, cardiovascular diseases, and reproduction dysfunctions, dysfunctions in growth, immune modifications, and mental diseases.


Conclusion: Natural Ways to Reduce the Dangers of EMFs

  • Keep your cell phone and computer at a distance whenever possible
  • Avoid Bluetooth headsets and use speakerphone instead
  • Follow a healing diet, exercise and meditation
  • Turn off your Wifi when you’re not using it.
  • Don’t use laptops, tablets, eReaders or cell phones while they’re plugged in.
  • Create a little distance between you and your electronics at home–especially where you spend a lot of time (like in bed).

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