Fast & Up – An intelligent sports hydration supplement

Optimal hydration is paramount for sports performance. During intense physical activity, along with loss in water content, our body loses several essential minerals and electrolytes. It is necessary to replenish these vital nutrients.

Choosing the right sports hydration drink is tough.

There are several brands out there claiming to be the best, Some cost more than others do. Many are unclear on the electrolyte balance and content of each drink. The trend today is leaning towards a ‘hypotonic’ solution. In simple terms, a hypotonic solution is one that is quickly absorbed. It moves into the blood supply from the gut faster than plain water or other ‘isotonic drinks’.

These are just some of the factors that add to the difficulty in choosing the right drink. This article will ease your burden of choosing the right sports drink.



An indigenous brand of sports drinks, Fast and Up, is today one of the best sports drinks in terms of composition, availability, price as well as quality. It matches up to the international standards set by other products. In addition, it boasts a composition that is scientifically far more beneficial than other popular sports drinks.


  • Ideal electrolyte balance
  • Additional micro-nutrients present – Vitamins B12, C, D3, Magnesium, Calcium
  • Contains ideal amount of glucose polymers as maltodextrin
  • Does not spike insulin levels
  • The calorie content is lesser though the micro and macro nutrients are more when compared to other sports drinks
  • Easily available in India
  • It is also of a lesser price when compared to other sports drinks

The following table provides a general comparison of Fast and Up with another leading brand in the world of sports hydration drinks.



There are several sports drinks that have their own pros and cons. Choosing the best one is hard. But we have done our share of research and the best one in the market today, without a doubt would be…


Their composition and electrolyte balance is the best among the lot. With an affordable price, easy accessibility and a scientifically proven composition, Fast and Up would be the best buy!


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