Muscle Toning : What you need to know


How does one Tone the Muscle?

It’s rather simple. You can’t.
Then how do you get rid of that stubborn fat from your arms or stomach? By doing bicep curls or abdomen crunches? Now that’s just like saying you can ‘tone your muscle’. ‘Muscle toning’ is a catchy jargon that was developed over the years. This is particularly appealing to women as they have several preconceived notions about weights and bulky muscles.

What then is this muscle toning?

When one wants to ‘tone their muscle’, they merely refer to the cosmetic appeal where the muscles are well-defined but do not increase in size. This can be achieved in one simple way – strength training. I don’t mean body-weight exercises or thera tube strengthening.

You need to lift weights.

When strength training is done, you put on muscle mass. This leads to two fundamental results – you either get bigger or stronger or both. As women don’t have the inherent ability to develop bigger muscles like men because of extremely low testosterone levels, strength training will only make a woman stronger.

So, lift those weights. Put on some muscle mass. Get stronger. And yes, the above will lead to you having that ‘toned’ look you desire.

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