Earn your runs..


The one trend other than posting stories on social media that is spreading like a wild fire is “RUNNING”. Or would it be safe to say – Addiction? You decide.

It’s often assumed that just jogging or running is all a person needs to keep fit. This is far from the truth. A mere run or a jog does nothing more than secrete few feel-good hormones and helps with improved blood circulation. That’s about it.

Now here, it’s important to note that we are talking about the weekend warriors who choose to run/jog sporadically whenever they “feel like”, without any periodised plan or scientific base to it. If you are a runner (recreational/professional), who intends to run for years, wish to be pain-free and is also performance driven, you cannot afford to miss this boat- Strength Training!!

You need to have enough bank balance to spend. Likewise one needs to have enough strength reserves to be able to run over the years and be pain-free. Let’s leave performance aside; it’s a different beast.

It’s a myth – to believe that just running will make you stronger or fitter. You have to have enough strength reserves to run. You’ve got to earn your runs. Get strong first and then hit the track, this is not one off. It needs to be done in a periodised fashion, strongly backed with scientific protocols that govern the strength training and running the program you’re following.

Running and strength training program go hand in hand. You’ve got to maintain the bank balance to be able to spend freely without the fear or worry of debt. Similarly, the strength reserve needs to be maintained to be able to run pain-free and for as long as you wish.

So, first put in the hours building the base – the bank balance. Then go out and express yourself on the trail – spend.

Run Long! Run Strong!

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