Vitamin D

vitamin-d-primal-patternsVitamin D is the most talked about supplement of late and the funda behind it is interesting. Vit D is a fat-soluble nutrient and one of the 24 micronutrients, which is of paramount importance for human survival. We are aware that sunlight is a natural source of the nutrient, but please be informed that it is also found in fish and eggs and to some extent dairy products.

Supplementing Vitamin D is critical and it has got its myriad of benefits. The many benefits are improved cognition, bone health, immune health, Well-being and fat loss. It also reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. People deficient in vitamin D may also experience increased Testosterone levels after supplementation

The human body produces vitamin D actually from Cholesterol, provided there is an adequate amount of UV light from sun exposure. There is only a sufficient amount of UV light coming from the sun when the UV index is 3 or higher, which only occurs year-round near the equator, between the 37th parallels

Many are not deficient in vitamin D, but they do not possess optimal levels of vitamin D. Due to the many benefits of vitamin D, supplementation is encouraged if your levels are not optimal in the body.


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