What the Heck is Insulin Sensitivity?

If you are a caffeine addict or a beer addict – you will slowly but steadily notice that you need more of the same to have the same effect, isn’t it. So by doing a lot of the same makes you less sensitive to its effects. Likewise if you keep consuming carbs too often (predominantly the sugary ones) it can make us less sensitive to insulin (or more insulin resistant). In that case the body needs to produce more insulin than we normally do to keep it in order or technically to keep your blood sugar stable. If this case worsens your insulin sensitivity becomes poor, the rate at which you digest carbs and absorbing nutrients is now pale in comparison and weight gain starts. If this roller coaster continues the pancreas needs to make more and more insulin coz now we are insensitive to it.

One fine day when it gets exhausted the hormone cannot be released properly and that’s when type 2 diabetes occurs.

Insulin resistance is not associated only with the risk of diabetes. It ups your risk on thyroid and several kinds of cancer, and to control body fat is almost zilch. So if we want to burn fat, we have to be sensitive. So prudence with lifestyle, nutrition and exercise will get you through.

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