It’s like a check point in life. It strengthens the body, relaxes the mind and toughens the spirit. If you notice when you’re in a workout routine all you other problems in life will assuage in a big way. Workout is a personal war with laziness and procrastination. If you workout regularly you are bound to be successful, coz you will tend to be organized and goal oriented and of course responsible for your destiny.
A workout prepares you for life’s many challenges and trials and it is also a sort of mental training. It’s a key to unlock the door of opportunity and success. Hidden inside us is an extraordinary force. Physical and mental triggers can release it. Workout is a form of re-birth, when you finish a good workout, you don’t feel better, but you feel better than yourself.
For starters – Try working out Monday to Friday – heaven or earth – you should workout – quality of the workout is not the issue here and neither is the time duration – it can even be 20 mins – 2 conditions:
1. Workout at the same time and stick to a program like glue
2. Follow it for 4 weeks
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